Research Grants

The History Project offers small and medium sized research grants to graduate and advanced undergraduate students at universities around the world.


The grants support original research in economic history and the history of economic life, typically in preparation for a research paper, a dissertation, or an academic publication. They also support research done in preparation for a presentation at one of the annual conferences of the History Project.


Postgraduate students (having received a first university degree) and advanced undergraduate students are invited to apply for the History Project grants.

Applicants should have a strong academic background in history or related fields and plan to undertake original research in economic history, the history of economic thought, or the history of economic life.

Applicants for the research grants should include an outline of their project, which will be made available on the History Project website when the grant is disbursed. At the conclusion of the project, grant recipients are required to prepare a report on the project, which will also be made available on the website.


The amount of the award varies according to the particular project and research costs and typically ranges from USD $400 to $4,000. Half of the money will be paid upon approval of the proposal, while the rest will be provided upon completion of the research project. The funds are intended to be used to support research carried out after the grant is approved.

Application Process and Deadline:

For both categories of grants, the application process is essentially the same: By the March 1 or the November 15 deadline, please submit a CV, a one-paragraph project summary (up to 100 words), a research proposal of up to 600 words in English, and a detailed budget through the grants application webpage (see below).

By the same deadline, the History Project requires two letters of reference, which should be uploaded to the project website by the referees; at least one of them should be from a faculty member at the applicant’s home institution. Please note that both letters of recommendation must be received for the application to be reviewed.

Applications will be acknowledged by an automatic email, and applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by May 1, following the March deadline, or December 15, following the November deadline.